Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tiger Moms? Nah, Tiger Tees ;)

Have been pretty rushed last few weeks..reason being - hold your breaths - my daughter's school concert. Well, before you rush to the conclusion that I am one unworthy non-appreciating mother, please be informed that my kid is all of 4 years old. And she has been practicing for the said concert for the last three weeks - one hour a day. Which is reasonable until you consider that school hours have also been increased by said one hour! Now the last bit is when it gets irritating - the last week before the concert the kids need to practice for '4 hours' everyday in a ice-cold air-conditioned auditorium. And as it goes without saying, tempers are frazzled - teachers want nothing but perfection - sheeps have to stay still, no pulling of sleeves, no itchy-scratchies and of course you gotta sing and dance in tune!And the kids? They hate it.
Now Im a little bit confused - the audience for this concert is going to be made up of adoring parents, grandparents and the like. This is not likely to be an audience which is going to be super critical in its judgements - indeed whatever the kids end up doing or not doing - they are likely to be faced by a beaming, adoring audience no less. So why this Kolaveri, di?? (Sorry, couldn't resist!!)
I get the argument that children need to know discipline and not all song and dance - is well - all song and dance. Yet, they are the performers , and they need to sense the joy in what they are doing -and that point is getting missed somewhere in all this.
Well, my kidlet unfortunately has also fallen ill at this opportune(?) time and has missed out on some of the all important rehearsals - and she is hardly feeling bad about it!! Which is as well for me - I get spared the school run - and she gets spared some tiger teacher(the tiger tees in the heading, if you were wondering) time !!

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