Monday, 21 November 2011

P2_Bug in the air!

I have never in my life used/heard the phrase "bugintheair" so much! really!! In Bombay it feels like there just should be a byline which says "Mumbai - where there are bugs in the air" like if you folks have ever visited Haryana via Delhi there are giant boards which proclaim "Haryana- yahan doodh, dahi ka khaana!". No kidding about either - former or latter.
Ever since we moved to the city almost 4 years ago I find myself becoming a very bugged bug- warrior with each passing month. There seems to be no end to it! The number of pediatric concoctions in my medicine cabinet have gone past being a phase date, if you know what I mean. I totally do not buy the, "It builds their immunity" argument either. Whatever the reason, I dont really know, I am losing sleep way beyond what I signed up for :(
Of late I have actually become pretty bindass (Bambaiya, right?). After having spent the whole of last night listening to my daughter hacking away in her sleep I just checked her forehead once for fever, asked her if she felt like going to school, double checked with Dad, and bundled her off. Flashback a year or even a few months ago I would have been a mental wreck bawling away at how my poor baby is sick ...And honestly though Im not proud of my transformation - what to do?
Keep Calm and carry on? Till the next bug then...sigh-0-nara!!!

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