Wednesday, 23 November 2011

P3_the undomesticated life

I have deep respect for women who are truly domestic godesses - and they seem to abound in this city. I have yet to meet a mom who is as harried, worried, scurried and messy as I am. Honest -and I will not even go into the missing beauty parlour procedures that are all but a distant memory here!Here I am blogging right from under a to do list a gazillion meters long!
Now heres a confession - not so long ago - to be precise - a month ago we moved house - and soon after the husband announced, "funds are low till such and such date - please go slow on the spending!". Was I irritated? A little bit. But hallelujah! if there was an excuse for not having work done (of which, if you have ever moved house you know there is no dearth of!) here it was. But horrifically ( yes - me ingrate) that such and such date is past and all the plumbing-carpenting-dusting-rearranging-reupholstering madness beckons me with arms open wide! Not to mention the house we currently live in is the size of my delhi house shoe-box (ok, exaggeration - but mild!) - so whichever workman/men enter they leave behind a trail of dust and weird prints in the most unlikely places, leaving me the wretched to swab the floor every night!!
Not to mention the husband travels most of the time - so Im supposed to be the home manager. Its not supposed to be tough no? Especially with so much help - I have someone to cook, clean and accompany kid for playdates etc. Whatteezeet that Im doing so wrong that I feel underwhelmed and behind most days???Grrrrrrrrrrr....

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