Sunday, 20 November 2011

P1_Hello again!

Its been a long time since I entered the blogger world. But the lure of typing out my own newspage ( which arises every few years !!) has brought me back.
The first ever time I blogged was way back in 2006 - wow! It was full of random thoughts - I remember doing posts on nursery rhymes and my current hairstyles!! err...moving on I believe there was a phase on expat living and then obviously the theme that drowned it all - motherhood! Subsequently some surreptitious blogs on weight loss were started and abandoned with equal gusto (Sigh or what!).
Goodness only knows what I am going to blog about now:) But it seems to be a fun time to be around - everyones online - including my mother.On Facebook where else.
My guess would be that I'll be blogging about (fingers crossed - tightly noosed in by a non-expanding rubber band!) my current life, which is currently being lived out in mumbai as a SAHM to a 4 year old cutey - yeah! Would rather not fall into the housewife-ly rant since its been a while since I zoned out of the perfect-home-wife trip!
But what I am sure I will be talking about is - maids! Man, is this city in the grip of an epidemic or what - any bleddy conversation you have with any bleddy body - it all comes down to the domestic help. It almost appears that there is no domesticity possible without the help!! And so I am sure that among some of the blog posts will have that as a theme - how to avoid it in the blogger world - if you cannot avoid it in the real?
And then ofcourse schools, pre-schools(yikes!!), mommysaurs (they exist and are not extinct yet) and you get the drift.
Signing off in anticipation of all that and more - Nidhi
PS: I think I will be cheesy Big B style - P1:Post 1!!

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