Thursday, 24 November 2011

P4_Gandhi ji ke zamaane mein!

The reference to Gandhiji is rather glanceways since my thoughts are more with his three bandars!! Hear no Evil...See no get the drift...
But heaven knows that it is pretty appropriate bandariya like behaviour for me nowadays - given that at every multimedia interface that I happen to be involved in with along with my daughter (very highly-faltu way of referring to TV/News/Movies/Radio/Internet....) I find myself scrambling over to cover ENT (Ok, not throat, nor ear..errr...ok more like ears and eyes and soon it surely will be mouth as well). There is just SO MUCH of inappropriate content all over the place nowadays that becoming insensitive to violence is like almost the least of my worries! This has hit me totally unawares, because till very recently my kid used to watch only CBEEBIES - highly annoying till you realise that what you have been missing is worse - significantly! To start with there are adverts - noodles,foodles and the like I still can get but VIVEL beauty bar???Why does Kapoor babes bathing ad find place in a supposedly kiddie channel? Media planners seriously - please !! Though - putting Harpic ad - stroke of genius - now that really helps kids gulp down the food, eh?
Anyways, not that the programming itself is that holier than thou - even if it wasnt - and if you could overlook the fact that you are watching decades old japanese animations dubbed by southindian accented adults trying their darnest kiddie accents- even then - there are kids having crushes, cockroaches(no love lost there either!!) squashing each other to nothingness, and generally "making su-su"(honest dialogue from comic) over all childhood innocence.
Then of course there are the movies - that we are not allowed to take our children to -but we can freely watch trailers of - intentionally or unintentionally across all medias possible. So here we are saying hello to Vidya Balan's boobs all over TV/Papers and not to mention the hardly subtle orgasming in the Ooh-la-la song! Honestly - try suddenly changing channels on the car radio when your kidlet in all innocence is grooving to The-Tea-Picture :((
Aiyo - censorship just excites curiosity - I do find it very funny when my husband tries to distract the kidlet when there is some kissing happening - as if she doesn't know - weren't her eyes open when the lips moved close? And what with the length and the sound effects of these kisses nowadays...hhrrrrrmph ...I could just go on about the insanity and the inevitability of it all!!
How do you do it? All you Moms out there?

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  1. :) enjoy your posts. good cheeky humour and nice flow. keep writing.