Friday, 14 December 2012

Holiday blues

The cards spell out JOY..Peace..
Tis is the season of sparkling stars and mistletoe..
Of warmth and togetherness and lots of good food...
And if you are a real Christian - a season for worship, introspection and forgiveness ..
But when it comes to Christmas time - all I feel is a certain dampness in my heart...
It's been years since any if the above was even remotely felt. All I can feel is a heavy sense of getting through the days with as little emotional effort as possible.
This is the only time of the year where I resent planning anything - because as luck would have it - these plans never turn out as they were supposed..
Now, we just go out of town on those days and spend Christmas with our families in whatever way they deem worthy. It feels like a lot less effort - but also a lot less return.
Why am I on a rant about this? Because deep down I believe that every family should have its festival traditions - and ours has yet to make any .. It may be a whimsical, impractical desire - but that does not stop me from wishing for it! And that is the reason I feel blue as write this Christmas card to you :/

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