Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Farewell for Mothers!

Now who would have thunk that?

In kiddie's school - us under appreciated mothers were given a farewell - by the teachers and the 'junior' moms. It was such a shockingly pleasant experience - other than the fact that it was indeed a 'farewell' that I was quite emotional by the end of it.

My back is holding up better now (touchwood!) so I was able to attend the event + Have also started organizing the long neglected workspace!

Its good to be better! What say?


  1. That is very sweet of them!! And it is good to be better especially when holidays are around, "Santa" needs to come visiting through the chimney or window and all :)

  2. Yes, I am expecting a big fat santa to tumble into the window (B'bay high-rise - no chance on a chimney- sigh!)..though I wonder if Santa (husband) reads my blog ;(