Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mamma Baby Mamma

You are a Mom. You are a baby.

My Mom, she still thinks of me the same way like I think about Kidlet. Which essentially means if I don't pick up the phone for more than an hour of her trying (mobile-landline-mobile) there is just cause for panic. Things like naps, school appointments, silent mode are not excuse enough. "But, I was worried about you!" she always gasps, while I roll my eyes on the other end of the line.

And you thought growing up into a mother would make you less of a kid. Tough luck there!

I am my mother's youngest child. She had me when she was 45. I had my baby when I was 27 and am exhausted by parenting already at 32! Where did this woman get the strength to bring a baby into the world at 45 I wonder. And oh, I forgot - I was baby number seven. I ask my Mom sometimes, "Why? Why did you do it". She is totally dismissive of the question - like any doubts never occurred to her.

Now in her late 70's she claims to be tired. I would be surprised if it were otherwise! But that doesn't stop her from pressing on. Each phone call is an exhaustive newsletter of which child and grandchild of hers is doing what. She and my Dad still get into elaborate machinations when any one of us even remotely needs any help. And here I am looking forward to the day Kidlet passes out of college and gets a job.

I look at her and I wonder why people stick on to this parenting gig. Heaven knows it gets a lot of flak. You are constantly under scrutiny and not to mention are second guessing every decision you make. To top that, every one of your child's heartaches becomes your own. And there are new things to learn every step of the way - theres nary a let-up! But here we are, my Mom and I - trudging on with a commitment we made to that one little heartbeat that decided to leap into our world.

My name is Nidhi. I am my baby's Mom and I am my Mom's baby. And I am proud and happy that I can claim to be both - oh wait I need to answer that missed call, before we get all panicky again ;)


  1. Once a mother always a mother and it creeps into every aspect of my life so much so that I tend to become a "mother-figure" even to my younger friends.

    And I get why your ma gets panicky. Wait until Kidlet is a li'l older or goes by bus and the bus takes longer than usual to reach home.

    Hats off to your parents! How lucky we are for loving parents.

  2. Yup Sun - I know that 'mother-figure' that you become very well :-) And I am so dreading waiting for the bus already..!! Maybe I should call my Mom to stay over when Kidlet starts going by bus - you know just to be partners in panickiness ;)

  3. My mom does that panic routine too and it drives me batty!! I usually skip the E.B. by emailing her that all is well but cannot talk now!!

  4. I wish my Mom could check her e-mail too or read text messages for that matter :/ As far as my parents are concerned mobile phones are for making calls and e-mails will be checked once a day!

  5. So beautiful, bless you and MOM