Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy Birthday Blog

Yipee! Yay! Fantastico....ribba-dubba-gazoomba Ganganam style! We are ONE today!

This blog officially celebrates its first birthday - and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, you and you (because you know there are still just three of us who read it )..No sweat though.

It has been a pretty good year for me (touch - wood, trees, roots, shrubs!! really) and it all pretty much can be traced back to around the time I started this blog. We had just moved house - into a new complex, which greatly improved our quality of living. And by that I do not mean in the social pecking order. It has been good for kidlet, good for me and the spouse in so many different ways. So theres that.

And then there is the positivity that this blog has seemed to signal. The first blog that I ever started back then in 2006 was called 'Suspended Imagination' - you can pretty much imagine how far that could have taken me. Then I went on to a hugely imaginative motherhood blog called 'So the house is a mess' - yes, the truth lies in the point of view. Do you really need to know more about all the other fledgling ideas I had? (Hint : Consumer Research, Design (!)). But even though I still harp on and on about general interest randomness - at least I am having fun doing it - refer to blog address, it is fun times around here :-)

And now for a tiny announcement - and no its really not what you were expecting to hear : I have started a new website - ! Why and what you ask.

Why? Very simply, since I have been badgering my head around trying to get this freelance writing thing right, I though to myself let me at least start writing something useful which will get me practice and get feedback.

What? All the news a Parent can use is what I am planning to write about. Which means, news and discussions from around the world which can be good to know for parents. Written in bite sized features - you see I have always been a big De Witt Wallace fan.

And that's that then. I would be hugely grateful to you if you could visit the site and leave comments and feedback for me. And that would be the best birthday gift this blog could ask for :-)



  1. congratulations on one year of persistence ! Baby steps will lead to something nice :) keep walking....

  2. Thanks Reshma :) I do hope it leads somewhere ..

  3. Congratulations on the one year and on your new venture!

  4. congratulations on completing a year, Nidhi! had fun reading the names of the blogs you started with..good luck on your new venture!

    1. Haha..yes Uma me a good laugh remembering them too :) Thank you for the wishes!