Saturday, 21 July 2012

Networking down :)

Been a while, been a while! Have been off social networking sites and blogging for a little while now. There was no specific reason for it. I just felt suddenly 'off' being on the information treadmill constantly - whether self or other generated! I must say I was not entirely successful- I found myself sneaking onto twitter (which I hadn't deactivated) or craving FB (which I had). Wrote numerous 'potential blog notes' on my iphone. But then I left it at that. It has pretty much been a time on catching up on real life without any digital incursions. And like various others have noted before me, once you get used to it, you don't really miss it!
This once in a while detachment makes me feel good actually. Like a wee bit of meditation -don't laugh! It may sound crazy but in retrospect for all the (relatively little) online interactions that I had - my brain used to feel like a cauldron of tiny spark plugs not knowing what to do with the incessant activity. And I just do not mean just excess information - there were these emotional responses going all over the place. Needless turmoil happening over pointless incidents. I mean really - feeling slighted when some rank stranger does not reply to a twitter comment? What is that? Losing sleep over few or no comments on basically narcissistic pictures uploaded on facebook. And errm, losing hair over low blog readership!! As if there were not enough real problems to deal with - I was adding to them a legion of imagined slights.
So, now why am I back? Who can I kid. I need to be in the know, it feels odd getting the news from the papers the next day, and not breaking by the second on twitter. I miss the easy repartee which one can share with total strangers - and not feel obliged to be anything further. I do definitely like catching up on people I would have otherwise relegated to memory had it not been for facebook. And why would I call myself a TypeWriterMom if I did not have an updated blog for all to see :)

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