Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Am I too much about Me?

The incredible lightness of being had taken over. Not in physical terms of course (more about that later)! I just had really bad tech karma last month - involving a titanic promise Mac machine-which sank..a telephone sim card which wiped itself out and other some such. We also had the annual Mummy show - the Project day at kidlet's school that is. I turned a year older - yeah that happened too.
But not too much about me this time. I mean I realised there is too much about me on this blog - am I supposed to be feeling guilty about it in the first place? Is it politically correct to say that you have a blog with 'Mommy' in its title but not really write too much about being one? Is it stupid to feel guilty - or am I just being feminist about a non-issue? Who knows!
Anyhow, ever since I got back to blogging and acquainted myself with twitter, I've gotten myself surrounded by people who seem to not only be amazing mothers but also very intuitive and expressive ones at that. I read about other people describing their children in intimate detail and fondness. I feel close to their experience - because even if their realities may be starkly different from my day to day existence, there is something very universal and touching about their experiences. Most of the time I find myself paraphrasing that 'this happened to me kidlet does that too..'. An then of course the thought comes to me - why did I not think of that to pick up, dust up and frame for posterity. Am I going about my days being a non-observant mother, or am I just too caught up in the minutes and the to-dos that I miss the daily wonder of living with a growing child? Am I just being too self-indulgent in thinking that all mothers have the ability to even pick up the 'wonder' quotient from their daily lives? Well, I do not think so, really. For I know for a fact that there a several occasions in a day when I am paused by something incredible (in my eyes ) that my child has done or said, but then the moment passes and we move on to the next. I have never been a journaling sort - pictorially, verbally or otherwise. It is a deficit that I have lived with. But now, I wonder if it is time to remedy it.
I would like to really try. So be forewarned, a lot of kidlet to be coming up in the following blog posts. If she doesn't turn up and there is to much of 'Me' around kindly give me a slight nudge ;)

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  1. I love writing and reading about "ME" anytime...feel free to try as often as you feel like !!