Monday, 2 April 2012

The week that was!

What a strange week it has been. I've been ill (with a clogged ear, nose, throat, head...will spare you the details) - and have not really had time to realize it. The beauty of having a child is that once the motions of the week start, you really have not much time to dwell on ailments and other derailments ;) Unless of course you are unbearably ill or something. Anyhow, I managed somehow with Paracetamols and Sinarests of the world, till I realized on Saturday that the uneasiness that had begun the week before with fever had not yet subsided, so I had to finally finally resolve to antibiotics! Am still not completely A-ok, but hopefully should be better this week with the antibiotics etc.
This week is of course going to be shorter, what with the long Easter weekend coming up. We have nothing planned other than going to church all four days! After a winter of discontent the heat is catching up with Mumbai now. I am getting all worked up thinking about how to entertain the kidlet this summer, once her vacation starts! We have planned a short trip in May but for about 3 weeks before that there is nothing planned as yet. The last two years I had sent her to a Summer camp ( 3 hrs of craft, activities, singing games etc. ) at the Toddler Activity Centre at Worli. But this year I don't want to do that again. For one, the idea of shunting ourselves about town during holidays is a royal pain! Holidays are meant for laziness (Ok, a bit!) and relaxation no? I'm actively looking for options near home - but the sad part is the few that are there are really not that great (alright you can judge me, but I would expect a certain standard for any activity. If its not worth it then kidlet could rather watch TV at home than go out and do something totally wasteful!). Have heard a lot about Raell Padamsee's acting workshop - so I may be enrolling her for that given her penchant for full on dramebaazi!
Lets see!
Sorry about this totally random rant. I had some mind-boggling(!!) topics lined up to blog about, but this illness has really slowed me down :(
Hope you have a great time this summer, wherever in the world you are. Cheerios :-)

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I sent my daughter for a summer camp once for half the day and while driving her back i felt miserable that she had to spend the day with kids who were not her friends doing coloring and crafts we could have easily done at home, so since then, I would rather have her at home or play with friends.