Wednesday, 21 March 2012

And then we have special days

Or right now, today is 'Fathers Day' in kidlet's school. Last year too they had one. Wherein the Dads, those beings who get parenting medals for being chief wage earners and general entertainment specialists , get a whole day (of school) dedicated to their wonderfulness! Do a sound a bit jealous now? Well, thats because I am - a bit - very teeny bit - jealous. Not to mention they don't even have a 'Mother's Day' to compensate.
Anyways, minor cribs apart, the entire last week has been quietly anticipatory. I have caught the kid singing her 'Daddy' songs inside her little tent or surreptitiously in front of the mirror. Obviously they have been preparing and rehearsing at school . There will be games played and cards given. The teacher apparently asked the children what they liked to do most with their Dads or like kidlet puts it "Why you love Daddy a lot?". I'm smiling thinking about it. Especially so, since she has told them something on the lines of 'video games' ;)
They also had a Grandparent's Day last year. It had taken me by surprise. Neither of our parents live in town, and I should have ideally liked some advance notice on this one. Though by a happy coincidence, my parents had come to town on a trip at the time, and there was a really lovely memory that was created that day. My parents were beaming, they had received acknowledgement at their youngest (and 15th!) grandchild's school. The school had kindly taken portrait pictures of the children with their grandparents - and that picture is precious indeed. Something, that on my own I have not done.
Which brings me to ruminating on the significance of these 'special' days. Most days I would tut-tut and say, these are over-romantiscised new phenomena that marketeers are using to pander to newly rich pockets. Maybe true. I agree, we all grew up with more or less one special day - which would most likely be our birthday! I do not remember my parents being called to school for anything other than Parent teacher meetings, much less the grandparents being called for anything. Sometimes, the thought does cross my mind that maybe we are really the over-parenting generation. Making life all fairy tale like for our kids.
But then , I pause and think to myself. Is it really that bad to celebrate family?Relationships? People who mean so much to us. Sure, we love them regardless of the day maybe even tell them often too. But taking out some time to celebrate that wonderfulness can not possibly be a bad thing. However many cheesy cards and punny rhymes that would mean.
And at the end of the day, however much I joke and whine about all these days. I secretly look forward to them. Wait to be taken by surprise. To be told, 'Yes, I see you. You mean much to me!'. Yes, that cannot be a bad thing. No, Not at all!


  1. Me too, I appear to be not really interested in those days..but i do love it when daughter makes a card and slips it on the dresser..

  2. :-) Im so glad you like it too! And thanks for always reading - I really appreciate your comments.