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It gets personal ( Game of Blogs, Team Story Weavers, Part 26)

Team Name: Story Weavers
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“And the journalistic fraternity is shocked and saddened by this development. It is time that terrorists realize that common citizens and journalists are not pawns to be captured and killed in this ideological game. Our heartfelt message to all responsible in this case, please free our fellow journalists…(sobs)..This is Raina Bhatt reporting live for NPTV 360.

Roohi sat in shock through the report. Even though she herself had been at the terrorist’s mercy just a few hours ago, this was different. She could not bring herself to imagine what Tara must be going through. The terrorists knew that Tara was Shekhar’s wife and they must be torturing her specifically. They could do anything, anything! Roohi burst into tears, even as Nana ji tried to hug her. Nani ji had collapsed on the bed ever since she had heard of Tara’s kidnapping.

Just then, the phone rang. It was Shekhar. Nana ji had a quick word with him before handing the phone to Roohi.

“Roo, are you alright beta?”

“Papa. I am fine! Whats happening with Mama? What are you doing to get her back?”

Shekhar couldn’t stop smiling to himself. He was proud of his young daughter – how practical and to the point she was despite the dire circumstances in which they were.

“Beta ji. You have my word. I will bring back your mother to you – safe and sound”

“Pucca, Papa?”. Roohi asked this even though she knew that her father would move heaven and earth to get her mother back safely.

“Pucca Beta!”

“And Papa, another thing”

“What beta”

“I don’t want just my Mama back, safe. I want both my Mama and Papa back. Safe. Will you do that for me Papa? Pucca promise?”

Shekhar sighed inwardly. He knew the risks of his job. But he was darned if he left his only, and most precious child orphaned. Of course he was going to get the three of them out – safely.

“Yes, my darling bachcha. I will get both your Mama and Papa back safely. Khush? Chalo, ab go and sit with Nanaji and try not to worry. I have to get back and ensure that this mess is over over once and for all. Bye, beta”

“Bye, Papa”
And the phone line went blank.

- - - - - - - - - 

Shekhar turned around to find his deputy Suraj standing there. The look on Suraj’s face was unreadable as always. Calm and composed, that was Suraj. Shekhar was glad that Suraj had been assigned as his second in command. As he saw it – this was the last and most dangerous stage of the siege. It was going to be now or never from here on. And it was now that he needed a cool and level headed person next to him. Especially now. Now that Tara’s life was in danger.

Tara. Oh, Tara! Shekhar tried not to think about her. His beautiful, eternally on the go wife. The mother of his child. The three of them had built such a beautiful loving life for themselves, even though there had been his deception. Yet, that was a life he was not going to give up on. Life was not possible without Tara. Tara – yes Tara. This was personal now. And Shekhar cared a damn if even the terrorists knew it.

Suraj, saw the look of real, unbridled anger pass over Shekhar’s face. He knew that his boss needed him now more than ever. Shekhar could take a misstep if overcome by his emotions. Suraj had to be there to make sure that it didn’t happen. Suraj looked down at the brief message scribbled on the paper that he was holding in his hands. He had no choice, but to tell Shekhar.

“Shekhar. The terrorists have sent us their demands. They want to do an exchange for the hostages”

Shekhar laughed. “What a surprise! Which high security prisoner do they want us to release now? Osama is already dead, eh?”

Suraj took a deep breath. “Shekhar. They do not want us to release any prisoners. They want us to evacuate the Baba Atomic Research Centre and leave these three scientists behind on the premises. Here are their names”

Suraj handed over the names to Shekhar. Shekhar’s face turned a shade darker.

“These guys are bloody clowns! Next they will ask us to give them the code to the nuclear detonators on a silver platter”

Shekhar took a few minutes to gather his thoughts. This was turning out to be the most important mission of his life. Not only had the terrorists personally attacked him and his family, they were now threatening to hold the whole country hostage. Shekhar’s two loves : his family and his country, needed him. And he wasn’t going to let either down. 

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be". With this thought in mind he called Suraj, and two other deputies close to him.

“So Guys, Heres the Plan for operation ‘Jai Hind’.
One, Update COAS and President. There has to be a full Army battalion on the perimeters of the city and especially BARC. This is war now, and it has to be treated as such. We are not going to take any chances here.

Two, Keep me constantly updated with the negotiations happening with the terrorists. Suraj, you need to be in on the conversation by the minute – I do not want the negotiators to stop talking. The more they talk, the more the chances are that our hostages will be kept alive.

Three, I will head swat team 1 that will go in covertly to the location where the terrorists are holding the hostages. Another team will cover for us from behind. Our mission is two pronged: Free the hostages alive and capture the terrorists dead or alive.”

“Is that all clear”

“All clear Sir.”

“Lets get moving then. There is no time to waste. Good Luck and Jai Hind”

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