Sunday, 12 February 2012

Me love for the short month :)

Well, the pretty month is here. I really don't know why february doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. It is such a beautiful month really - of all months it is the shortest - just flits by without becoming too much of a bore. And even though it is silly season for some (Valentine's day, ahem!) it is a lovely time of weather too - for us in India. Winter is more or less abating, its neither too hot or too cold. Mornings still have that nip and the sunshine is promising and not yet bearing down on you.
February also happens to be the time of all things festival - and I do not mean the religious variety. Not withstanding the shenanigans of the JLF, there are other smaller and throbbing with enthusiasm city festivals like the Kala Ghoda Arts festival - which has something for everybody in it!! And I really miss going to the Surajkund arts and crafts mela at this time of the year...
Anyhow, this year, like the last few years I took the kidlet along with me for the Kala Ghoda festival on one of the first days..infact it was the day after they had commenced and things were still being set up, there were not too many people around (compared to the last day when it looked like Victoria Terminus at peak hour!). And, we were able to make a pleasant afternoon out of it, we spent time investigating the art installations - and I was amazed at how much a four year old can understand - my lil one totally impressed me with her understanding of the installations about noise pollution. Though she totally missed the point of a very clever installation called 'Under the Table' - and just as well! We ended the afternoon with a some 'chaat' very pleasant it was :) Yes, now you understand why the love for this small little baby month. I am totally inspired to take the kid to more such nice places (art galleries , museums and such ) - keeping it short and uncomplicated is the key - and the fact that now she is able to understand and articulate so much - I am really enjoying these little trips with her!
The other two cool things (cool in my book!) I did last month were taking out some much needed alone time to do some things that really invigorated me mind and heart. Went to watch 'Vagina Monologues' with a friend - and it was all that it is made out to be and more! What a lovely lovely show - and what a fantastic time I had - especially since I was with a friend and there was not a baby in sight! The other little me time I got was when I went off on quite a whim and the husband's blessings to attend a talk by authors at Kala Ghoda. Its been almost 10 years since I had been to something like this - and I really enjoyed the almost collegial atmosphere of the event. Baby steps, I say - time for Mama to come out of her, cocoon, eh?
Yes, bring it on february, I write my ode to you. I am ready to savour every promise you make, even if it just has to melt in my mouth :)
Poetic aren't we? Hope you have a lovely lovely time too!

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  1. Cheers to getting back in touch with a bit of the "me" life..!