Monday, 2 January 2012

What? Its a New Year altogether? Already ??

Oh how ungrateful of me. I totally forgot to thank 2011 full and proper! It was by far the most fulfilling year of my married life :) As yet!! This was the year the kid started going to a proper school, we moved into the much craved for 'nice apartment in nice building complex', husband was by and large traveling less than usual and I finally succumbed to getting more helping hands to navigate the madness of bringing up baby. 2012 - really - you must, you really have to, I insist do better :)
As they say very rightly too, happy times flash by faster than those not. I also will remember 2011 as being the year of the - protestor - what else? If TIME magazine has deemed it so who am I to protest ;) Jokes apart, it was liberating (even if tempered with fair bits of outrage) to see the common woman find her voice again. Full respect to all the women in the world who fought back for their rights - all across the world - especially in the arab world - some of the accounts which filtered in from there were freaking bone chilling!
And of course how can one not thank Anna Hazare. One might agree or disagree with the man on many points but he deserves FULL credit for getting the civil nation back on its feet. How the protest plays out is anybody's guess - but the fact that it was started at all is a winner for me. Oh, and not to forget Anna Hazare made the nation realise that we have a houseful of learned and mesmerizing orators and thinkers in Parliament. Even if it begs the question that even with such stellar elected reps and such an impeccable leader how do we still manage to flounder!
In the final reckoning, the year gone by was most notable by its headline making presence both in my personal life and that happening outside my doors but affecting me no less. Ofcourse there were some days/months/weeks that I filled like the pits of the earth, but the silver lining was within visibilty. And I am really grateful for that. That indeed is my new year resolution (just thought it up actually ;)) - BE GRATEFUL!!
There are just so many things to be grateful for. Even if the argument of the 'less fortunate to remind us' is getting old - it does beg the question - what the f*%#$ am I getting worked up about. Nothing (mostly) is invincible. And even if it is then it most likely is not meant to be. No?
On that philosophical note - I send my love to all - a very happy New Year to you - may it be filled with lots of hugs, happiness, laughter and love!!


  1. I agree with your take on being grateful. It's indeed the key to happiness. Have a good year!

  2. Thanks Sunila :) You have a great year too!